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Aerial Hammock is a type of aerial acrobatics that involves performing movements and poses on a suspended fabric sling. The performer uses the fabric to support and create shapes, often incorporating flips, spins, and drops to create a visually stunning display of strength and grace. Unlike aerial silks, which are two separate ribbons, the aerial hammock is one continuous loop of fabric that can be adjusted to different heights and configurations.


Aerial Silks is a performance art that involves acrobatic movements while suspended in the air from fabric ribbons. Performers execute climbs, wraps, and poses on the silks while suspended in the air, creating a visually stunning and graceful display of strength and artistry. Aerial Silk classes are more difficult than aerial hammocks. If you are a beginner, we suggest starting with a hammock class to learn the basics and gain strength.


Acro-Tumbling, also known as Acrobatics, is a style of tumbling that emphasizes strength, flexibility, agility, and grace while executing tumbling skills. Students will begin with basic tumbles such as rolls, cartwheels, hand balances, bridges, & kick overs. Acrobatic skills such as chest stands, elbow stands, bridge walks, & inside outs will also be explored based on skill level.



Circus School students will experience lots of fun new skills! Aerial Hammock, Stilt Walking, Ribbon Dance, Hooping, Poi Balls & Tumbling are all a part of this interactive class!


Students will learn movements and terminology using the French method of ballet. Basics will be taught and built upon as the students dance knowledge and skill level increases. Students should be dressed in leotard and tights with hair pulled back out of the face so that correct posture and body placement can be seen and corrected, while at the barre and center floor.


Students in this class will explore the world of dance in a fun and creative environment. they will focus on pre-ballet, pre-tap, gross motor skills, balance, coordination and tumbling.


Students will learn age-appropriate hip hop dance moves and tricks in this class. Some tumbling and acrobatic skills will be taught and incorporated into their routines. This class is upbeat and allows students to express their personality in the choreography, using different styles of funk and pop. 



Line Dancing isn’t just country/western anymore! It’s modern, urban sophistication, swing syncopations, flowing waltz and nightclub rhythms.

• No partners needed - perfect for singles! • Learn line dances in a comfortable, welcoming, fun-filled class!

• Beginners welcome! • Two left feet welcome!



Lyrical dance is a style that includes elements of ballet, jazz, acrobatics and modern dance. The style is usually danced at a faster pace than ballet but not as fast as jazz. This style focuses on individual approach, strong emotion and story of the song being portrayed by the dancer.. 



Students will learn choreography to songs featured on Broadway and from movies/TV, while incorporating elements of both dance and acting to tell a story through movement.



Tap is distinguished by percussive footwork and rhythms. Students will learn steps and sequences that help them develop their basic skills, musicality and rhythm. 



This class begins with a warm up of Hatha Yoga Asana followed by Pilates core strengthening exercises then ending with Asana. Learning to let your breath control your slow and elongated movements will be the guidance into the physical and mental benefits of this program. Pilates is a form of exercise which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. All exercises are developed with modifications that can make a workout safe and challenging for a person at any level. The class focus will be on basics and personal strength levels so whether you’re a beginning student or a continuing student you will feel challenged by this fusion of Asana and mat exercises. 

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